Details are coming on how to win this autographed piece of greatness that is a cello from Apocolyptica! We received a large box in the mail today...pic and continued story after the jump.


Short story time:


We had no clue what it could be...when we opened it...THERE IT WAS!!! All shiny and beautiful. We restrung it and set it up all pretty like.

"Can we keep it?" asked Tard.

"No, Tard. That wouldn't be right. We love the Citizens, and they deserve this." replied JoBo.

So, with great reluctance, JoBo pried the Apocolyptica autographed cello from Tard's tightened grip, and snapped a photo for all to see. The End.

What do ya think??? (of the cello, not the story. We know the story was crap. I was only an English MINOR).

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