The bridges between bands and their fans continue to crumble, with Linkin Park taking the latest step with their new ‘Lost in the Echo‘ interactive video. The clip went live Wednesday, with lots of their fans not seeing the band, but rather some of their closest friends in the video.


The interactive promo can be accessed via the group’s website and by linking in with your Facebook page, a number of your own photos will appear within the clip itself. In a message at their website, the band states, “This is not a traditional video. It is an interactive piece designed to draw you into the world of the song. The best ECHO experience is the one at that site.” The group encourages fans to check out the clip here, rather than visiting other video outlets as they will not have the same interactive features.

The Flash-based clip centers on a crumbling, dilapidated world where a man walks along the streets alone carrying nothing but a briefcase. Upon entering one of the buildings, he opens it up to look at some of the pictures he’s gathered over the years only to be approached by a group of people emerging from hibernation to see what the visitor has in his possession.

As the man hands out the photos, each of the people wander off with them and you see their varied reactions at the sites they are looking upon, some of which include the viewers own photos.

The group state, “It is Facebook connected, and don’t worry: it won’t steal or share anything you don’t want it to. For those without those things: a non-Flash, non-interactive version will be up in a couple of days on Linkin Park’s official YouTube page.”

Mike Shinoda told Wired, “This album ended up being very much about ‘you’ and ‘me,’ so when it came time to think about this video … the idea of doing something that was also very personal and connected to somebody’s memories – you know, the things in people that they’re not letting go, that maybe they’re hung up on or have issues with – to do a video that touched on some of that felt like it fit with the song really well.”

The video comes right as the band are going full steam on their Honda Civic Tour dates. Check out our photo gallery from a recent show here.

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