Lamb of God fans, meet your favorite new musician! The man's name is Roger Brilliant and he fronts the fantastic new band, Roger Brilliant and the Wankers! You've probably never heard of Roger Brilliant, but Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe has, and Blythe has used the power of social media to document the soon-to-be-famous artist on his way to the top.

Roger Brilliant's genius was first showcased via Blythe's Instagram on Aug. 12. Focused in on a Roger Brilliant and the Wankers backstage flier, a mysterious voice asks, "Who is Roger Brilliant?" before a cavalcade of individuals rave about the artist. Blythe continued his coverage of Brilliant with some "gotcha" journalism tactics, catching Brilliant in his private bathroom wearing a horse head mask (sporting a blonde ponytail) and a snazzy marching band jacket.

It seems that Randy Blythe doesn't think much of password protection when it comes to his Instagram account, because Brilliant seems to have uploaded his own videos on Blythe's account, although Brilliant's face is slightly obscured during the clips. "While Roger Brilliant is completely satisfied after another day of basking in his own brilliance," the phantom musician writes, "Roger Brilliant's manager is trying to relax after a long day of managing Roger Brilliant's brilliance."

In another video post, Brilliant writes, "When ROGER BRILLIANT visits Ampsterdam, the prostitutes pay HIM to walk through the Redlight District."

On Aug. 17, Randy Blythe was able to gain control of his Instagram account once again. The vocalist went on to ask Gojira about their views on Roger Brilliant, before heading over to rapper Waka Flocka Flame and manager Brick Bronson, who also expressed their hatred for Roger Brilliant.

Will Roger Brilliant strike again? Keep an eye on Randy Blythe's Instagram to find out.

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