Another new Lamb of God track from the band's upcoming album, VII: Sturm und Drang, has been revealed. "Embers" is the new cut, and it features a vocal cameo from Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.

"Embers" is certain to be a fan favorite from VII: Sturm und Drang. The track is pure Lamb of God, driven by the twisted gutturals of Randy Blythe. The five-minute track's long outro features a great back-and-forth between Blythe and Moreno, the latter of which is given plenty of space to breathe and deliver in his trademark haunting style.

"I wrote all of Chino [Moreno]'s lyrics and they deal with how loss affects interpersonal relationships, like in a family dynamic," Blythe recently told Rolling Stone about "Embers." "If a family member dies, that can really twist things up. I used a sort of 'oceanic' vibe in the lyrics. I'm talking about 'I've been staring at her laying still for so long,' and I'm talking about the ocean at that point. The ocean is a metaphor for life."

"When the band wrote the music to that one, there were two different endings," continues Blythe. "In one, it was 'Lamb of God,' like, boring, we've done it a million times. And then Mark wrote this other beautiful, swelling thing, and I heard it when I was still down at the beach writing my book and listening to it. I'm a huge Deftones fan, and I could hear Chino's vocals on it. One day, during the preproduction I come in and Mark and Josh [Wilbur, producer] are sitting there and they're like, 'What do you think about Chino doing vocals?' I'm like, 'Yes!' Chino came and he sang me the melody he had in his mind, sort of nonsense words like how we singers do. So I took some fragments I had and made it fit. He crushed it. He's Chino. There's no one that sounds like him."

Listen to "Embers" in the player above. VII: Sturm und Drang will see a July 24 release and is currently available for pre-order in a variety of bundles.

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