If the scooters in Lafayette go away, this dude will not be a happy camper.

I have no clue who he is but in the middle of the latest controversy involving the Bird and Lime scooters this guy just happened to go viral for his modal ingenuity. Most people just ride around the rent-to-ride scooters, but this guy figured out a way to ride in style (and comfort).

Actually, I take that back—I've sat on crates before and it definitely hurts your butt, but it beats standing up to ride around town, right?! Sharona Batiste shared the photo and it's gotten over 200 shares and the comments are pretty hilarious.

By now you've probably heard every side of the scooter debate (and you can go here if you want to see the latest on the scooters we have here in Lafayette) but I figured this would be a good lighthearted laugh to share with friends.

Also, it should go without saying that you probably shouldn't try what he's doing on any scooter.

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