A study was done based on the availability of music lessons in the area.

Care.com's data analysts looked at the number of providers offering music lessons per student in each city or Metropolitan Statistical Area.

You might think places like Los Angeles or New York would be in the top spots, but that wouldn't be the case here. The number one city on the list is Gainesville, FL. You may know a guy by the name of Tom Petty who came from there. Ann Arbor, Michigan comes in at number three. You know who makes that place their home base? Iggy Pop.

Out of 111 US cities, Lafayette comes in at number 71! That's actually above New Orleans, who you would probably think would be well above us. NOLA hit the ranks at number 80.

The fact that out of all of the cities in the US, Lafayette was on this list is HUGE!

So, just because your child takes music lessons doesn't mean that they're guaranteed to become a rock star. There's still plenty of great reasons to put them in music lessons.

"When you look at children ages two to nine, one of the breakthroughs in that area is music’s benefit for language development," explained Mary Luehrisen, executive director of the nonprofit National Association of Music Merchants Foundation.

"Growing up in a musically rich environment is often advantageous for children’s language development," Luehrisen said.

It can also increase their reading proficiency, and create better academic results.

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