Duson police chief Kip Judice is preparing for surgery after he suffered a near-death experience over the weekend.

According to a post on his Facebook page, Judice suffered an acute respiratory attack on Saturday. His family rushed him to the emergency room, where Judice says doctors saved his life. Judice says when he arrived at the emergency room, his oxygen levels were at 65 percent. Judice also said a doctor described him as "looking like grey death."

Judice says doctors found a polyp on his vocal cord. According to Judice, doctors told them the polyp got stuck in his airway while he was breathing. Judice is scheduled to undergo surgery on Monday to remove that polyp.

On Sunday, Judice posted a video showing the polyp on Facebook along with his account of all that happened to him over the weekend.

We here at KPEL wish Chief Judice well in his recovery.

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