Lafayette man, Adam Chapman, created this video to taunt those in his fantasy football league after winning the championship last season.

Chapman, who you may know from IKeepItRealTees (You may remember the amazing "Say Girl, You Look Like A King Cake" shirts), was the champion of his fantasy football league last season. After working behind the backs of the others in his league, he was finally able to put together a rather hilarious video (The video is slightly NSFW).

Here's what he said about the video:

After over 7 months in the making, with the unknowing help of some these guys' friends, wives and even mothers, I am VERY excited to finally share this special video with the world. I hope that you all will like and share it as much as possible so my buddies can really feel the burn.

If you know any of the guys in this video, reach out to them and offer some emotional support. The pain they are feeling due to me winning another fantasy football championship is real, and they need your compassion.