What does fantasy football have to do with politics? Well, both are on your ballot November 6th. Naturally, you know about all the political races, congressional seats, municipal offices, and constitutional amendments that you will decide. But, did you know the fate of some of the nation's largest online fantasy sports companies is riding on your vote on November 6th too?

According to campaign finance reports FanDuel has already invested the majority of the $154,000 raised by the political action committee that calls itself  Fairness for Fantasy Sports in Louisiana. DraftKings the other major fantasy sports betting company is expected to kick in some cash as well.

The reason? To help get the word out that online fantasy sports wagering can become a thing in Louisiana if it is passed by the voters on November 6th. The issue will be decided on a parish by parish basis.

So it is possible to have online sports wagering available to residents of Lafayette Parish but not Rapides Parish, depending upon the outcome of the vote. For the measure to pass statewide all parishes would have to pass the proposal.

You can expect an onslaught of political advertising to start appearing on your radio and television in the coming days. The group had already placed advertising in the Saints Monday game with Washington and they expect to be spending more before the election is over on November 6th.

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