A tiny dog near Lafayette is up for adoption after its elderly owner died.

As featured on the Susie's Senior Dogs Facebook page, this little pup, Suzie", is listed as a 4-pound peanut with a warm personality.

Since Suzie's elderly owner passed away and other family members are unable to care for her, rescue groups are trying to home her in a suitable place.

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The original post for Suzie's adoption comes from a local pet rescue organization, Onyx's Legacy Animal Rescue. The organization, located in Crowley, says that it is "dedicated to the rescue of urgent shelter dogs, and finding committed adopters locally as well as out of state."

Suzie is listed as a female Chihuahua, about 4 pounds, 7-10 years old, and it says that she is very sweet, gentle, lazy, and "just an angel".

The home they are looking for must fit certain characteristics.

In Suzie's best interest, the home must have "no young children, no large/active dogs (nothing over 30 pounds), and a securely fenced yard".

Since Suzie was living with an elderly person, the rescue organization would prefer to rehome her to a similar situation: they are hoping to put her with someone older and not too large, as Suzie gets intimated easily. Also, the organization would prefer Suzie to not have to share living accommodations with any large dogs.

Suzie has been nothing short of a pleasure to have. She is super sweet and loving with a beautiful gentle disposition. She is lazy and sleeps most of the day. She enjoys sunbathing or snuggling under her blankets for warmth. - Onyx's Legacy

A simple, quiet life is what we are hoping Suzie can find real soon.

Before adoption, Onyx's Legacy Animal Rescue is taking care of Suzie's health and medical needs, making certain that she is healthy and up-to-date on any shots she may need.

If you are interested in giving Suzie a new home, she is available!

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