It's not often we talk about Lady Guhgah here. We do, however, talk about American Horror Story a bunch. It seems we may be talking more about her now that she's been cast in AHS season 5.

She tweeted earlier today that she would be "appearing" in season 5, but The Hollywood Reporter clarified that she would "star" in the fifth season. She also gave us a little more tidbit about season 5, in that it will be called "Hotel."

She is the first cast member to be officially announced. Other veterans of the show, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, and Sarah Paulson, are not likely to return for season 5 due to other commitments.

It is pointed out, though, that Roberts and Paulson were both cast in Ryan Murphy-led projects, so there's a chance he may make the schedules work.

The next season of American Horror Story will start airing in October.

What are your thoughts on Lady Gaga being cast on AHS season 5?

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