The answer is: This KATC alumna made a national TV appearance during Monday's episode of the quiz show Jeopardy!

The correct response: Who is Jenise Fernandez?

If you're a longtime viewer of Channel 3, you probably recognized Fernandez once she popped up on screen. No, she wasn't a contestant on the show. Rather, she presented a clue on the venerable answer-and-question program (which, in Lafayette, airs on KATC).

Jeopardy Productions/Sony Pictures/YouTube
Jeopardy Productions/Sony Pictures/YouTube

Fernandez, who worked at KATC from 2010 to 2012, was one of five news anchors from Miami TV station WPLG who presented clues in the category "Miami News Clues." Fernandez's clue was by the $600 answer in that category.

The answer was: "Hitting South Florida in 1992 with 165-mile-per-hour winds, destroying around 25,000 homes, taking 44 lives, and causing more than $25 billion in damage, it made news as the then most expensive Atlantic hurricane in history."

The correct response, of course, was "What was Hurricane Andrew?"

You can see the full category, including Fernandez's appearance, in the clip below.

Fernandez is the perfect person to present a clue about Miami. Not only is the four-time Emmy Award-winner a news anchor there, she was born and raised in Miami. Fernandez attended Florida International University and was once crowned Miss Miami.

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