The former House of Shock in New Orleans is turning into a Christmas themed haunted house for two nights only.

Tonight (December 7) and tomorrow (December 8) from 7:30-11, Krampus will open it's doors for lots of holiday horrors!

The theme is named after Santa Claus's evil alter ego who punishes children who cry, pout and are otherwise naughty and not nice. That's all according to European folk lore, as well as the Hollywood movie version from 2015.

The Krampus management insists that the intense attraction is not meant for kids under the age of 12.

General Manager Sandy Lindsay had this to say about the attraction:

(It will be) lit entirely with Christmas lights and populated by evil elves on shelves, malevolent mall Santas, drunken uncles, demented snowmen and, of course, Krampus himself, who will pose for photos with visitors who have been less than good this year.

Krampus is located at 319 Butterworth St., near the eastern foot of the Huey P. Long Bridge. General tickets are $24.99. If you'd like to get into a faster line, you can pay $34.99, or $44.99 to skip the line entirely.

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