When Korn released their 1994 self-titled debut album, the band made a huge impact with tracks such as ‘Shoots and Ladders,’ ‘Need To’ and ‘Blind.’ However, the band’s music alone isn’t what caught the attention of the public. The album cover for ‘Korn’ remains an iconic yet disturbing one — depicting a small child on a swing set gazing at a large, menacing figure of which we can only see its shadow.

Nearly two decades later, The FW did some research to find out more about the little girl on the swing. Then 6 years old, Justine Ferrara was recruited as Korn’s muse by her uncle Paul Pontius, who had signed the nu-metal band to Immortal/Epic Records. Now all grown up, Ferrara recently reminisced about the unsettling man who provided his eerie shadow for the album cover.

“He was a super-nice guy,” says Ferrara. “He was doing me a favor, by blocking my eyes from the sunlight.” Ferrara also revealed that once Korn began to get famous, her parents became worried that she would be recognized by fans and that the family may get in trouble with their daughter’s school, whose uniform was used for the shoot.

Luckily, the family received no ill will from the school and Justine Ferrara has since graduated from New York University in 2009 with a degree in communications. Although Ferrara admits to not being a fan of Korn, she does hope to one day work in the music industry.

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