Diners at the new Rock & Brews in Torrance, Calif. might not have recognized the famous owners of the eatery as they took the stage. Kiss played with out makeup and costumes for about 20 minutes during the grand opening on Wednesday (May 8).

Only Eric Singer was missing as, according to Blabbermouth, they worked through 'Rock and Roll All Night,' 'Lick It Up' and 'Hotter Than Hell.' In contrast to their usual stage show, last night's set couldn't have been more scaled back unless they went acoustic. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer are wearing jeans and t-shirts as they sing and jam on their guitars. A navy blue sheet serves as the only sort of staging.

Simmons and Stanley own the Rock & Brews franchise, which has three locations currently. The first Rock & Brews opened in El Segundo, Calif. in April 2012, and a Los Cabos, Mexico location opened in March of this year. They are reportedly hoping to open 100 locations in the next five years, including the Los Angeles Airport location this summer, Maui this fall and Kansas City, Mo. next year.

It was one of two charity performances that day for the group. Earlier, Simmons and Stanley played for more than 100 returning military veterans and Wounded Warriors.

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