You ever wonder why you never see people eating king cake at festivals, or especially Mardi Gras parades? Cause it's so messy! Well, thanks to one Slidell based baker, messy fingers and king cake don't have to go hand in hand any longer.

Sierra Dee is the mother of king cake on a stick. She got the idea when she was still an aspiring baker at a street festival in Mississippi, and saw people eating chicken on a stick.

She kept her idea a secret until she was able to open her own bakery in 2014. Dee owns SugarLove Cakes at 1329 Englewood Dr. in Slidell.

She says they make about 500 of the handmade king cake on a stick for every Slidell parade. And, of course, they sell out.

Don't worry about your child choking on the baby while at a parade, either. She leaves those out of the king cake process for just that reason.

Such a genius idea! Wouldn't you love to have some king cake on a stick at a Mardi Gras parade? went to visit Dee, and try out her king cake on a stick.

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