Pre-fight, it was all Conor McGregor doing what he does best. Selling a fight with his sensational trash talking skills. Khabib stayed pretty calm and collected...until they got into the ring.

If nothing else, Conor McGregor knows how to sell a fight. His talk is legendary at this point. He's had quite the run in the UFC and then a step into boxing against Floyd Mayweather.

Upon his return to the octagon, we didn't hear a lot out of McGregor leading up to the fight against Khabib. That was until the press conference. I've seen many of his pressers and trash talking, and you can kind of always tell it was a sell. This one, though, seemed personal. You're probably familiar with McGregor's arrest after his bus attack (they used it to promo this fight). It seemed real.

The one side of McGregor that most people either don't see, or choose to ignore is that he's actually quite humble. You can see this post-fight. After it's all said and done. Be it a win or loss.

Well, Khabib waited until they were locked in a cage to do his talking. And talk he did. While punishing McGregor on the ground with hard hitting fists and elbows.

You can also hear McGregor's response to seemingly try to take the animosity out of Khabib.

Turn your volume up.

We all know the eventual outcome, with Khabib submitting McGregor, and the following chaos that ensued after the fight ended.

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