We’re likely to dip band and forth between major castings for Seasons 2 and 3 of Ryan Murphy’s FX American Crime Story (they do shoot back-to-back), and the pendulum has now swung to Katrina. Matthew Broderick joins the franchise as a key FEMA figure in the title American Crime; second (technically third) to join the cast.

Per FX, Tony Award-winner (and yes, Ferris Bueller star) Broderick will take the role of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Director Michael D. Brown (nickname “Brownie”), who spearheaded the federal disaster response to Hurricane Katrina. Broderick joins Annette Bening in the role of Kathleen Blanco, Governor of Louisiana, while Ryan Murphy has also stated Sarah Paulson (and likely Sterling K. Brown) will return

American Crime Story Season 2 will draw its Katrina inspiration from Douglas Brinkley’s The Great Deluge, also potentially expanding its run as 13-15 episodes. Season 2 is also looking to cast actors for George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin.

Seasons 2 and 3 will also shoot concurrently, with the third, Versace-based season airing within six months of Katrina. Additionally, the Monica Lewinsky story has been optioned for a potential future season, with a role earmarked for Sarah Paulson.

We’ll likely hear of additional Katrina cast soon, but will Season 2 live up to People v. O.J. Simpson? Stay tuned for the latest.

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