Justin Bieber, headbanger?

The Canadian pop sensation once again revealed his love of metal during an interview with GQ last year, claiming special love for Metallica -- whose 'Fade to Black' and 'One' he labeled his "jams." And while Bieber's fondness for volume may not be immediately apparent when listening to his slickly produced, tween-friendly hits, it appears to be genuine.

For proof, look no further than this brief backstage clip of Bieber goofing off with his musical director, Dan Kanter. With Kanter on acoustic guitar, Bieber spends a few seconds noodling through 'Fade to Black,' adding his own vocal interpretation of the song's solo. It's tempting to imagine what his audience would make of it if he managed to work a Bieber-fied cover into his set list.

We can't see Metallica returning the favor with a performance of one of Bieber's tracks anytime soon, but then again, the band has displayed a fondness for unusual collaborations in the past; in 1999, they released 'S&M,' a live record that found them working with a symphony orchestra conducted by Michael Kamen, and of course, in 2011, they hooked up with Lou Reed for the unforgettable 'Lulu' LP.

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