Former New Orleans Saints troublemaker Junior Galette is now the Washington Redskins problem, after they signed him to a one year deal.

The Saints former sack leader left town in a very ugly and public fashion. Galette's Twitter tirade against the organization and his former teammates was the type of stuff that can get a player blacklisted from the league. Burning former brothers in arms and coaches isn't exactly the best way to ingratiate yourself with the other teams in the league, but apparently that didn't matter to the Redskins.

Clearly, Washington owner Daniel Snyder doesn't really care what the public or media thinks about his decisions (reference the team name). The sack numbers don't lie, but how many issues can arise before his productivity stops tipping the balance? The next incident for Galette could be the last one, which is why the Redskins only signed him to a one-year deal.

Getting Galette on the cheap could be a gamble, but the reward is pretty high in football terms.

Tweet by @AlbertBreer
Tweet by @AlbertBreer

Saints fans no longer have to worry about the ugly headlines popping up with Galette's name in them, but now they have to fret over the pass rush. The exact opposite now goes for Redskins fans.

Teams don't cut guys in the second year of their $40+ million deal simply because they don't get along. Galette was a real problem. Maybe getting booted off the Saints and being forced to sign the league minimum for a year will put some sense in him...but that's up to him.

Have fun, Washington. Don't say the Saints didn't warn you.

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