Julia Louis-Dreyfus decided that the best way to promote the new season of her hit HBO show 'Veep' was to get naked and have someone take pictures. She's absolutely right.

The cover image of the latest issue of Rolling Stone features Julia wearing nothing but ink—the ink of the Constitution, including the highly visible signature of founding father John Hancock. However, as one Twitter user noted, John Hancock didn't sign the Constitution. He signed the Declaration of Independence, which is, like, a whole different document. (We looked it up.)

Julia herself even replied, in full Vice President Selina Meyer mode:

Julia Louis Dreyfus Veep tweet

(Mike, in case you didn't know, is the name of her hapless P.R. man on 'Veep.')

One last thing: We totally missed this, but somehow Julia is 53 years old. Look at her. That is one stunning 53-year-old, wouldn't you say?

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