Comedic mastermind Jim Carrey, who plays Colonel Stars And Stripes in the upcoming film Kick-Ass 2, has had a change of heart at the level of violence in the upcoming sequel.

Kick-Ass co-writer Mark Millar had this to say about Carrey's tweet:

As you may know, Jim is a passionate advocate of gun-control and I respect both his politics and his opinion, but I’m baffled by this sudden announcement as nothing seen in this picture wasn’t in the screenplay eighteen months ago. Yes, the body-count is very high, but a movie called Kick-Ass 2 really has to do what it says on the tin,”  “A sequel to the picture that gave us HIT-GIRL was always going to have some blood on the floor and this should have been no shock to a guy who enjoyed the first movie so much. My books are very hardcore, but the movies are adapted for a more mainstream audience and if you loved the tone of the first picture you’re going to eat this up with a big, giant spoon. Like Jim, I’m horrified by real-life violence (even though I’m Scottish), but Kick-Ass 2 isn’t a documentary. No actors were harmed in the making of this production!

Will Carrey be involved in the marketing and press for the film after this remark? We shall see!

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