With the boys in Black & Gold back in action, New Orleans Saints fans will have to do their best to stay cool this summer as the excitement for the upcoming season heats up. In some of the first glances at Louisiana native Jarvis Landry in a Saints uniform, he is already showing off his stellar skill-set.

Twitter via @Jeff_Nowak
Twitter via @Jeff_Nowak

Per Saints insider @nick_underhill it is all-hands-on-deck at the New Orleans minicamp.

As members of the media swarm the Saints practice facility to get eyes on the guys, many were wow'd by one play in particular.

Jarvis Landry Makes One-Handed Catch at New Orleans Saints Minicamp

See the catch made by Jarvis Landry via @Jeff_Nowak on Twitter below.

Yes, of course, it is only practice against air. But as my former coach used to tell our offense, you've got to be 100% against air and it looks as though Landry is performing at full capacity even in his first days wearing the Black & Gold.

It is exciting to see some of the big names back at the Saints facility, even if they aren't participating fully quite yet.

Check out Mike Thomas hanging out on the sideline, in uniform, via @cole_play22 on Twitter here.

Alvin Kamara was also putting work in today.

Saints defensive backs were also seen running through drills.

#WhoDatNation - do your best not to get too excited. The Saints still have about four months until the regular season begins.

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