If "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," what happens when a group of them team up against you?

That's what one New Orleans area man is finding out after he allegedly misled over 30 women into thinking he was actually a single man. This story has a LOT of moving parts, so let's begin with the one that sparked this viral saga.

Megan Fonseca is a nurse from the Metairie area who recently revealed that Jan Gregory, a man that she reportedly met earlier this year on Bumble, wasn't the amazing guy she thought she had been dating over the last few months. As a matter of fact, he wasn't even single.

Fonseca found out that Jan was engaged, but before she could "say congratulations," her Bumble sweetheart had blocked her on social media. It was at that point that Fonseca decided she would go public with her well wishes for Gregory, letting him know that she believed he would "make a GREAT husband" while simultaneously warning other single women about his patterned behavior in an effort to keep them from being hurt the way she was.

As it would turn out, Fonseca's revelation also tipped a few other women off about Jan's relationship status because they too were under the assumption that their dating relationship was exclusive. Soon, the comment section of Fonseca's post became a firestorm of women coming forward as well as internet sleuths who quickly connected the dots on Jan's timeline of alleged infidelity.

Megan Fonseca, Facebook

As the number of women that Jan was allegedly finessing continued to mount, questions about his fiance began to pop up in the comments. According to numerous posts, she was aware of the situation but "didn't care."

Megan Fonseca, Facebook

Soon, the number of comments was so overwhelming that it was nearly impossible to read all of them, but so many details were buried in the story. For instance, a big common denominator amongst all the women who were supposedly involved with Jan was the fact that they were nurses.

Megan Fonseca, Facebook

While there were a few people who criticized Megan for airing out Gregory's dirty laundry, the vast majority of the comments were in support of her coming out and exposing his behavior for all to see.

Megan Fonseca, Facebook

But like I said earlier, clocking in at over 3,000 comments, the aftermath of Fonseca's big revelation was almost physically impossible to keep up with—but one of the staggering details that came of the whole ordeal was the fact that Jan Gregory had made headlines in the NOLA area before.

Megan Fonseca, Facebook

During a stint with the Kenner Police Department, Gregory was accused of stealing from Hispanic men that he stopped while patrolling.

Jefferson Parish court records show that 34-year-old Jan Gregory pleaded guilty Monday to five counts of misdemeanor theft. He is accused of taking a total of $3,500 from the five men between Jan. 20 and Feb. 5 last year.

He resigned immediately when he was confronted about it and ultimately was given 90 days probation after pleading guilty.

I mentioned earlier that the comments on Fonseca's original post were too much of a hill to climb, so allow me to share this viral TikTok explaining where we are before moving to the grand finale of this absolutely insane story.

By the way, stick around because there are TWO more TikTok video updates that will catch you up on the latest in the alleged adventures in infidelity from Jan Gregory.

Soon, this story and all of its newly added chapters transferred over to an official Facebook group that is approaching 2,000 active members titled Don't Be a Jan #Firewatch 🔥


From personal screenshots from Jan's alleged lovers to stories revealing his most deceptive lies, the Facebook group soon became a treasure trove of hot Jan tea.


As more and more women shared screenshots, people began to draw parallels and get a better understanding of how Jan was allegedly duping these females into thinking he was just a single guy with who they were having an amazing connection.


Unfortunately, his ruse had an expiration date and a continued massive public fallout. One woman who fell victim to Jan playfully asked if anyone was keeping a "chart" of all of the women he was juggling at once.


Soon, one of the group members dropped a highly detailed color-coded chart based on the women who had come forward or provided any type of timeline of their reported connection with Jan Gregory.


The chart would get updated each time a new woman would come forward, and soon we ended up with approximately 33 women that Jan had either:

  • Dated
  • Was supposed to go on a date with
  • Flirted with through a dating app
  • Got engaged to (in addition to his actual fiancé)
  • Got pregnant (totally not kidding)

Seriously, this chart is impressive. Sad—but still impressive.


What’s not impressive, is that screen grabs of videos show Jan allegedly going to one of the women’s homes as he supposedly asked her to take his hot tea off of social media (You'll see that part in a TikTok update later in this story).

While a lot of this content is eyebrow-raising, there are sad parts that show people who were literally taken for a ride by someone who they thought would be their everything. Jessica Lea dropped this bombshell on the group just yesterday.

Facebook[/caption]As the comments continue to roll in, many are saying that Jan Gregory is the NOLA edition of a similar story we saw from Jason Collier—the former police chief of Stinnet County—except, Jan’s definitely got a special blend of NOLA flavor that has managed to keep his tea at a roaring boil for the past week.

Also, he CLEARLY has a thing for nurses, which almost makes all of this seem even worse than it is because HAVEN’T OUR FRONTLINE MEDICAL WORKERS BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH DURING THIS PANDEMIC?

In all seriousness, who knows who else will come forward, or when it will all end—but in the meantime, Jan Gregory continues to go viral for all the wrong reasons as TikTok user @andabottleofwine is currently documenting the fallout of his treacherous saga.

Props to @andabottleofwine for the shout-out as her "allegedly supposedly" #JanTheMan series continues.

I’m not sure what Jan’s lesson is here, but this is surely a tough way for him to learn it.

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