We've come to expect the weird looking workouts that Jameis Winston does during the offseason. But they're only weird if they don't work, right?

Jameis Winston via Instagram
Jameis Winston via Instagram

Jameis Winston's Wild Workouts

You've probably seen Jameis' workouts before that made you tilt your head like a dog looking confused after you pretended to throw a ball. Whether it was using an actual dog and towel, having guys try and knock the ball loose with fighting padslifting weights while balancing on a medicine ball type contraption, sitting on a medicine ball trying not to let his feet touch the ground while his trainer is trying to knock the ball loose, or in a one-handed pushup position on a balance trainer catching and throwing a ball with his non-grounded hand. (I love that these wild workout sentences keep getting longer and longer.)

Jameis has always had some interesting training techniques. Obviously, there's a method to the madness. I'm just glad to see that he's looking healthy after tearing his ACL in week 8 of last season.

As far as his wild workouts go, there's always some kind of new thing he's doing. And it seems to work for him.


Twitter via @LogansTwitty
Twitter via @LogansTwitty

New and Improved Football Workouts

Might as well add another new and improved workout to his resumé, right?

A video made its way to Instagram of Jameis doing a bench press workout. However, it's not the typical bench press that you would see. In fact, this particular bench press style workout isn't usually seen from a starting quarterback in the NFL, at least not in the public eye.

In the video, he's seen laying on the ground with his feet up on an inflatable exercise ball, while he is high-rep bench pressing with a flexible bar.

Now, from doing a tiny bit of research on this workout, it only LOOKS weird, but actually has a very useful purpose.

The weird, flexible bar actually causes muscle confusion, which helps to avoid plateauing in your journey to gain muscle. Also, by doing the exercise with his feet on the ball, he is being forced to balance on the back of his shoulders, which creates incredible core and leg development, as well as balance. It just looks funny.

A Traditional Jameis Winston Workout

Earlier today (6/28) he posted a video of him doing a more conventional workout than what we're used to. In this video, he's seen with a knee brace on getting some normal on-field reps in.

While you'll see he still has some stiffness in his knee (most likely from his knee brace for the most part), he's still moving quite well, AND throwing bombs!

It's either that Jameis isn't quite back to full strength yet, or they're making it look that way in released videos. Either way, all signs point to him being the starter come week 1. He's got plenty of time to get even healthier if he needs it (according to him he doesn't). Next up is training camp, followed by preseason, and on to regular season.

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