It's no surprise that Esquire's latest list of the "Best New Restaurants in America" identifies two Louisiana-based restaurants as a must for foodies.

Highlighting a movement where chefs embrace what makes them unique and showcase their "personal stories on the plate", the list, in its forty-first edition, unveils fifty standout dining establishments across the country, each embodying a unique narrative through its culinary offerings.

Amidst this celebration of genuine dining experiences, Louisiana proudly claims two spots on the coveted list. The state's culinary prowess shines through the recognition of these establishments, signifying the essence of honest innovation and authentic gastronomy.

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The Best New Restaurants in Louisiana

Dakar NOLA

Located at 3814 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115.

Kevin Sintumuang with Esquire explains that at Dakar NOLA, dining is an immersive experience intertwined with storytelling. Chef Serigne Mbaye goes beyond serving a tasting menu; he engages diners by stepping out of the kitchen to share narratives tied to each course.

This unique culinary journey unfolds within the front room of a classic shotgun house, enhancing the ambiance of the evening into a blend of a dinner party and an educational experience. The atmosphere at Dakar NOLA resonates with both enlightenment and enjoyment, offering patrons not just a meal but an opportunity to immerse themselves in a culturally rich and intellectually stimulating dining adventure.

Hungry Eyes, New Orleans

Located at 206 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

O.M. with Esquire reported that dining at Hungry Eyes, an establishment with an ambiance reminiscent of "an '80s Duran Duran music video", immerses patrons in a nostalgic atmosphere.

The culinary team at Hungry Eyes has curated an energetic, DIY-style dinner menu that resonates with a lively, playful spirit. Patrons are encouraged to craft enjoyable sandwiches using the crisply grilled pastrami, a unique culinary approach that mirrors the innovative style of the minds behind NOLA's beloved culinary gem, Turkey & the Wolf.

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