A popular drink that many people in Louisiana were once able to pick up at their local convenience store has been discontinued.

Not only is there a soda leaving store shelves but a whole list of other items that you won't be able to find in stores anymore.

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According to The Street, while many customers 'loved' MTN DEW Energy PepsiCo has decided to discontinue making it. They suggest turning to Rockstar for all of your energy drink needs instead.

The announcement of its discontinuation came earlier this year, and the news was shared on the SodaSeekers Instagram page.

Their post confirmed the sad news, stating, "MTN DEW Energy is no more! Official channels announced earlier this year that the MTN Dew Energy line would be discontinued moving forward."

Fortunately, there is currently no indication that MTN Dew Kickstart is facing a similar fate, providing a glimmer of hope for fans of Mountain Dew's beverage lineup.

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