For years many have been clamoring for McDonald's to bring the chicken snack wrap. However, for some reason, Mcdonald's refuses to revive the snack wrap. But worry not snack wrap fans another fast food chain has you covered.

It was announced yesterday that Burger King is launching their version of the snack wrap.

Burger King is taking the chicken from the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich and using that in their new wrap. Said wrap will be called the Royal Crispy Wrap and it will be available for purchase on August 14th. The new wrap will be available in 3 separate flavors. You will be able to get the wrap as classic, spicy, or shockingly honey mustard flavor. I'm assuming the honey mustard flavor will just be the classic chicken with honey mustard sauce on it.

Social Media Reacting To Burger King's New Royal Crispy Wrap

Come August 14th I will be in line at Burger King to try out said wrap. Super intrigued by the honey mustard flavor. But are you interested in Burger King taking McDonald's crown as the king of the fast food snack wrap? Time will tell if this forces McDonald's hand, hopefully, it does.

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