Louisiana has never had issues keeping restaurant's that serve fried chicken in business. While we are known for Popeyes we can't hide our love for the Lord's chicken.

As much as we love Chick-fil-a, we can't help but notice that their nuggets live rent free in our mind and we find ourselves craving their food more than other fast food restaurants. If you've ever felt like their food is addictive, you aren't the only one.

The Food Babe prides herself on informing people on what ingredients are in popular food items that should be avoided. She breaks down why Chick-fil-a is actually addictive and it is certainly eye opening.

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What Makes Chick-fil-a So Addictive?


There is one ingredient that has found itself with all the blame.

A common flavor enhancer utilized in many processed foods, has long been a subject of controversy due to its potential health implications. MSG, while it effectively boosts the taste of dishes by stimulating neurons in the brain, it has also been linked to adverse effects, including obesity.

Citing a 2008 study conducted by researchers at the University of North Carolina, The Food Babe highlighted that individuals consuming MSG were more likely to struggle with weight issues, regardless of their calorie intake or physical activity levels. This correlation suggests that MSG could be silently contributing to weight gain, even when individuals believe they are maintaining a balanced diet.

In addition, animal studies have supported the concerns about the relationship between MSG and obesity. Rats fed MSG in controlled experiments consistently demonstrated weight gain, affirming the compound's potency in influencing body mass.

Copy Cat Chick-fil-A Nuggets

The good news is that there are some copy cat versions such as Just Bare and Real Good, that aim to be healthier.  Also, The Food Babe offers a recipe you can follow to make them at home without all the questionable ingredients.

Fast Food Employees Say to Avoid Eating These Items

If the employees at a fast-food location tells you not to eat something you should probably listen to them. Here is a list of food items that fast food employees suggest to not order.

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