Judice Inn fans in Lafayette, get ready because the legendary burger joint is about to embark on its biggest makeover ever.

After 76 years of serving up deliciousness, our beloved Judice Inn is getting a major facelift, and the buzz is all about the new drive-thru window.

In a recent interview with Megan Wyatt at the Acadiana Advocate, Gerald Judice, the owner, and keeper of the Judice Inn legacy, spilled the tea on what's in store. While the classic menu and cozy charm of Judice Inn that we all adore will remain intact, the addition of a drive-thru window is definitely stealing the show. The thought of being able to zip through and pick up your online or phone orders with the utmost convenience is nothing short of a game-changer for those who want that those amazing burgs on the go.

Gerald couldn't contain his excitement, saying, "It's a big step for us. We've been around for 75 years, and this is the first time we're expanding in a real way." And let's not forget the heartfelt sentiment behind it all. Judice Inn isn't just a business to the family—it's a "cherished memento of their parents" who first opened its doors. If anyone knows the Judice family, you can bet they're treading carefully to preserve that special legacy.

Over the next six to eight weeks, you might notice some construction going on. But fear not—the drive-thru window will be smoothly added to the back of the building, and they're even connecting an overflow dining area to the main space for an even more seamless experience.

Now, let's clear something up. This renovation doesn't mean Judice Inn is turning into a fast-food joint. No, sir-ma'am! The drive-thru is exclusively for those who've placed their orders online or over the phone. You can still savor those juicy burgers and soak up the old-fashioned atmosphere just like before.

Sure, there might be a day or two of temporary closure when they cut off the electricity, but it'll be worth the wait. According to the Advocate report, the permitting process threw them a curveball due to the age of the building, but the Judice family is resilient.

As always, the Judice family is grateful for the unwavering support from the Acadiana area that keeps them going strong, but don't get it twisted—even after the biggest renovation of the restaurant's existence, there will still be "no fries."

If you want the full scoop and all the juicy details on this exciting transformation, check out Megan Wyatt's full story here via The Acadiana Advocate.

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