It only took 76 years, but Judice Inn has introduced a new drive-thru window. As a par its ongoing expansion and improvement efforts, this new feature allows customers to enjoy the "Best Burgers in Town" with unprecedented convenience and speed.

Over the summer, Lafayette residents were excited by the news of major renovations planned for Judice Inn, located in the heart of mid-city on Johnston Street. Now, those plans have come to life with a fully operational drive-thru window. A recent post from Judice Inn showcased the new addition, where customers can now pick up their legendary burgers without leaving their cars.

Gerald Judice, the owner of Judice Inn, expressed his excitement about this new venture. He highlighted the drive-thru as a long-awaited feature that brings a new level of service to their customers. “It's exciting to serve our customers in a new, fast, convenient way,” said Judice.

In line with technological advancements and customer convenience, Judice Inn's new drive-thru window goes hand in hand with its mobile app that launched in 2019. The app enables customers to order burgers directly, with the promise of having the food ready and paid for upon arrival. This "grab and go" service is touted as the fastest way to enjoy their offerings.

Further expanding their capacity, Judice Inn has also upgraded their kitchen facilities. This expansion allows the team to accept larger catering orders, which were previously limited by space constraints. “The extra space allows us to deliver on large catering orders without affecting the regular business flow,” Judice explained.

Not sure if you've ever had Judice Inn at a wedding or private function, but anyone who has knows that the catered version is one of the most delicious best-kept secrets in Lafayette.

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Staff Photo

When inquired about future enhancements, Judice remained somewhat secretive but shared hints of “expanded seating” in the restaurant, assuring that the original space’s charm will be preserved. This implies that more changes are on the horizon, as Judice Inn continues to innovate and serve their community.

This development follows the original story in June 2023, where plans for a major makeover of Judice Inn were first announced. The renovation, which included the addition of the drive-thru window, was part of a careful expansion to preserve the legacy of the Judice family. Despite some challenges in the permitting process due to the building's age, the project has moved forward, bringing new offerings while maintaining the essence of the beloved eatery.

As Judice Inn continues to evolve, one thing remains constant – the commitment to offering delicious burgers and maintaining the unique atmosphere that has made it a Lafayette staple for decades. So let's sit back and enjoy a burger as we wait to see what Judice Inn will bring in the future.

Just know that it (still) won't be fries.

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