The recent visit of Dr. Michael Salzhauer, better known as Dr. Miami, to Louisiana has local newsfeeds buzzing, especially in the small town of Crowley, LA. Dr. Miami, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Miami, is not only renowned for his surgical skills but also for his engaging media presence and innovative ways of connecting with audiences.

On November 9th, Dr. Miami landed in Louisiana, and then headed to Acadia Women’s Health Surgical Center in Crowley.

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This center, run by Dr. John Gonzalez and Dr. Michelle Owens since 1999, has been a beacon for women's healthcare in the area. The visit by such a high-profile figure in cosmetic surgery like Dr. Miami amplifies the respect that Acadia Women’s Health has garnered in the medical community.

Dr. Miami's visit wasn't just a fleeting appearance. He engaged in a one-hour live stream session where he interacted directly with his audience, answering a myriad of questions related to cosmetic surgery, including inquiries about tummy tucks, liposuction, injections, and more.


This direct engagement is a hallmark of Dr. Miami's approach, connecting with potential patients and tearing back the curtains on the world of cosmetic surgery.

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The surprise of Dr. Miami's presence in Crowley, Louisiana, was exciting and unexpected by his fans. However, this visit didn't come out of the blue. Dr. Miami and Dr. Gonzalez had previously shared a platform at the ISCG Conference in 2022, showcasing a professional respect and connection that likely contributed to this visit.

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Adding to the excitement, Dr. Miami was not only there for discussions but also took the opportunity to create content with the Acadia Women’s Health team. Fans and followers can expect to see more of this collaboration, especially around the festive Mardi Gras season.

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While it seems that Dr. Miami's stay in Crowley was brief, his visit left a lasting impression. Followers of Dr. Miami and Acadia Women’s Health can look forward to more shared content in the future.

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Dr. Miami's reputation extends far beyond the operating room. He is known for his educational efforts, such as authoring “My Beautiful Mommy,” a children's book about plastic surgery, and developing innovative apps like iSurgeon and Pet Plasty. His media appearances and accessibility have made him a well-known figure in the world of cosmetic surgery, bridging the gap between medical expertise and public understanding.

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Check out even more videos featuring Dr. Miami from the official Acadia Women's Health Facebook page here.

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