DoorDash, the popular online food delivery service, has issued a stark warning for its patrons in Louisiana and beyond: those who choose not to tip might face extended wait times for their deliveries. This week, the company introduced a new feature on its app, a pop-up message, which alerts users who enter zero in the tip amount field about the potential delays they may experience.

According to a report from FOX Business, DoorDash is currently testing this new warning system in selected regions. The service emphasizes that its drivers, known as "dashers," have the autonomy to choose orders based on profitability. This means they can see in advance if a tip is included with an order and decide whether or not to accept it. Given the discretion provided to dashers, orders without tips might not be as promptly addressed, leading to longer delivery times.

The company has clarified that it compensates its drivers with payments ranging from $2 to $10 per order, and importantly, drivers receive the full amount of any tips given.

The new feature has ignited a flurry of reactions among DoorDash users. While some argue that drivers deserve tips regardless of service quality, others make a case for tipping upon delivery, pointing out that even with adequate tipping, delays can still occur. A segment of users also expressed a preference for cash tips, believing it ensures the full amount goes directly to the driver.

Social media comments highlighted the divide among users:

"Tip your driver. Gas isn't cheap. If you can't tip, perhaps reconsider ordering delivery."
"Might switch to Uber Eats now."
"High fees are a bigger issue. Address that, DoorDash."
"If I tip, my food better be on time or even early."
"If you're not tipping, maybe you shouldn't be ordering delivery at all."

DoorDash Raises Estimate For Initial Public Offering
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As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen how this new feature will impact both the drivers' earnings and the customers' dining experience.

Are you willing to tip in advance to potentially avoid delays? Sound off in the comments.

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