If college football is a religion in Louisiana then its mother church would have to be Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. The iconic stadium has been the site of some of the most epic football moments in the history of college football. Those who go know. There is something about "Death Valley" that raises the spirit within the home crowd and makes the visitors shake in their shoes.

AllState BCS National Championship - LSU v Ohio State
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As you might imagine a structure such as Tiger Stadium is more than just a place to beat the hell out of Ole Miss. It's a landmark in Baton Rouge. The stadium's silhouette can be seen as you cross the Mighty Mississippi River on I-10. I know because you usually have a lot of time to look toward the horizon because traffic is so bad. But, the legislature and DOTD say they are fixing that. 

Football fans know that a stadium is so much more than a building with seats and not enough bathrooms. It's a part of the heritage of the community it serves and in many cases, the stadiums provide their own unique beauty and awe-inspiring vistas and moments.

OLBG.com, the Sports Betting Community website recently researched stadiums across the United States and around the world looking for the most beautiful stadium in the world. As we suspected, Tiger Stadium made the list.

The website used Tripadvisor reviews and Instagram hashtags to formulate its list. The results showed that the most "beautiful stadium in the world" was not for football, futbol, soccer, or any sport that I understand. The OLBG.com nod for the most beautiful or stunning stadium in the world went to Asgiriya Stadium in Sri Lanka. They play Cricket there. 

There were eight Southeastern Conference football stadiums that made the list. The highest ranking was Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa. The place where the Tide Rolls is ranked at #8. Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium was ranked #10 and Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge was ranked #16.

Kentucky v Alabama
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Another SEC stadium to make the list was Kyle Field in College Station where Jimbo Fisher pays top dollar for losing seasons, they came in at #18. Neyland Stadium in Knoxville Tennessee with its checkerboard endzones was #19.

South Carolina v Tennessee
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Soon-to-be SEC member Texas made the list too with Darrell K Royal Stadium ranking #21 and Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at the University of Florida right behind at #22. Again these rankings were put together using Tripadvisor reviews and Instagram hashtags. No, not the most scientific of "studies" but the list does seem pretty legit.

You'll also notice in most cases, sorry A&M, the stadiums are home to winning programs. That probably has a lot to do with the "positive feedback" too. Nothing like winning to make you fall in love with a stadium, right?

By the way, you can see the entire list right here.

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