The Dallas Zoo had an interesting update on Twitter this morning, announcing that the zoo had been closed until further notice.

The zoo sent the update just after 10 o'clock this morning local time and, at first, I was quite concerned due to the wording of the Tweet.

A "serious situation". When I hear "serious situation" and "zoo" in the same sentence, my mind instantly imagines the worst. Shortly after, the Dallas Zoo Tweeted again - this time, they were a little more specific.

A clouded leopard "was not in its habitat" when zookeepers got to work this morning, and the search was on.

The zoo was sure to include the phrase "non-dangerous animal" in its Tweet which - when I hear "leopard" - is not the first phrase that comes to mind.

So, what exactly is a "clouded leopard"?

Photo by Pamela Newton on Unsplash
Photo by Pamela Newton on Unsplash

Once word got out about the missing leopard, and for the next 7 hours, people on Twitter expressed their concern for the large cat - but not without making jokes in the meantime.

This guy was thinking like I was when the "non-dangerous" appeared alongside "leopard".

How many ways can you summon a cat? Several, obv.

The update to the story came a full 7 hours later when the zoo Tweeted that they found the cat - Nova - safe.

All's well that ends well.

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