When anyone on social media asks the question "What restaurant does Lafayette need?", P.F. Chang's almost always shows up in the comments section. People in Acadiana really want their own P.F. Chang's.

Is that about to happen? Adam Daigle's story in the Advocate got me to pondering.

As it stands, if people in Louisiana want to enjoy the heavenly goodness of P.F. Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps (it must be the sesame oil that makes them so good!), they have to travel all the way to Baton Rouge or Metairie to get them fresh. (Even the copy-cat recipes are fantastic!)

According to a Business Wire story, P.F. Chang's is expanding on a pilot program they first rolled out in 2020: P.F. Chang's To Go. The company recently announced the opening of two new locations (Irving, Texas, and Orlando, Florida), along with the planned opening of 50 new locations in several states, with Louisiana being one of the states mentioned in the article.

Hoping on (or, maybe, against?) hope, could Lafayette on the list as one of the new locations for the P.F. Chang's To Go concept?

Think about it: if P.F. Chang's already has locations in the New Orleans area and the Baton Rouge area, it only makes sense that Lafayette would be next on their list. Yes, I realize that Shreveport is "larger" than Lafayette, but... you feel me? It's gotta be Lafayette!

Unless, of course, P.F. Chang's feels that it needs more than one location in the New Orleans Metro or in the Baton Rouge area. But, Mr. Pearson Finley Chang, hear me now: LAFAYETTE WANTS IT'S OWN P.F. CHANG'S! (I have no idea what the "P.F." in "P.F. Chang's" stans for, I just made up a name).

(EDIT: I was just reminded by my coworker that the "P.F." of "P.F. Chang's" is our very own Paul Fleming of Iberia Parish - another local man who has made quite a name for himself!)

Until we get a full-blown, sit-down P.F. Chang's in Lafayette, I guess we should be content with a P.F. Chang's To Go, right?

Now, IF we do ever get a full-blown, sit-down P.F.Changs, where do you think we should put it? I am thinking that Kaliste Saloom at Camellia Boulevard would be a good location.

Google Maps

It's a nice empty lot, save for some beautiful old oak trees that would make for a great shaded parking lot. Having it in this location puts it within walking distance from River Ranch, and keeps it from some of the more heavily congested areas.

Some locations suggested by coworkers: the old Grand Marche' Shopping Center, where The Plaza was:

Google Maps

When one coworker suggested the now-defunct "new" Panera Bread location on Ambassador Caffery near Cosco, we all agreed that the location is great, but parking might be tight:

Google Maps

Another suggestion was near Our Lady of Lourdes hospital on Ambassador Caffery at its intersection with Frem Boustany. It would be close enough to the hustle-and-bustle that is Amb/Kaliste while giving hospital visitors and employees a walking-distance option:

Google Maps

Regardless of where they put it IF (and, if you'll notice, that is a BIG, HUGE, VERY LARGE IF) a P.F. Chang's comes to Lafayette, I will have the Korean Bulbobi Steak, please. To go, please - unless, of course, they decide to build a full-blown, sit-down P.F. Chang's in Lafayette.

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