With mother nature bearing down on us again this week, there is a possibility you could lose power. Even if you can’t tune us in after the power goes out, you can still get your vital information by listening to us on your phone with radioPup.Download the app free on your phone or tablet. Just go to the iTunes app store or Google play store to download the app. Remember you can charge radioPup with the car charger if all else fails.

If you do incur a power outage, make sure to report it to your power company. Below is a list of numbers we hope you don’t need, but if you do, here ya go. Stay safe and warm!


LUS(337) 291-5700

Entergy - 1-800-968-8243 (1-800-9OUTAGE)

Slemco – 1-888-275-3626
CLECO – 1-800-622-6537

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