The latest creative effort from Parish Parcel, a monthly subscription service from Lafayette which offers curated boxes of Louisiana goods, is sure to become a symbol of recovery in Louisiana. The historic flooding affected thousands of homes, so the image is all too familiar to many, as they begin the process of recovery and rebuilding. Here's the good news: The company is donating 100% of the money made from the sale of the iconic shirt will go to United Way of Acadiana.

Company founder Jaci Russo says, "our goal is to help flood victims as much as possible. It's been devastating for our friends and neighbors... The shirt, depicting a common sight of sliced drywall, represents the over 50,000 homes in Louisiana that were destroyed by rising floodwaters. It is also symbolic of the resilient people Louisiana, working together to rebuild in spite of so much loss. In addition, the September box shipped out by Parish Parcel will include Baton Rouge made products; Parish Parcel will donate a portion of proceeds to the Capital Area United way. The public can purchase the t-shirts and sign up for the subscription service at

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