As of now, it looks like Hurricane Irma is on track to take a Northern turn once it gets close to Florida. Hopefully it will turn before then, and the latest models show that as a possibility, but honestly no one truly knows at this point. Looking at this Hurricane Katrina forecast from 2005, you'll see an uncomfortably similar story and track. It's almost exactly what we're currently seeing with Hurricane Irma.

Taking a look back at weather forecast from August 25th from New Orleans TV Station WDSU, you get a real understanding of just how quickly, and badly, things can change with Hurricanes.

New Orleans weatherman Nash Roberts actually says in the video below "I don't think it's going to come our way. That's not a likelyhood." From what I understand, Mr. Roberts was an incredibly talented and trusted meteorologist in the New Orleans area, and even he couldn't predict what Hurricane Katrina did.




Below is the latest Hurricane Irma track from 10:00 am this morning (9/6/17)

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