Louisiana Head Football Coach Mark Hudspeth has issued a statement in the wake of a locker room video that showed some players making disparaging comments about President-Elect Donald Trump.

Earlier this morning, an article appeared on theadvertiser.com, written by LA beat writer Tim Buckley, in which Hudspeth address the video saying he is disciplining players involved, but referencing comments attributed to Trump during the campaign and suggested those who condoned Trump's comments while criticizing his players were being "hypocritical."

But Hudspeth has now issued a statement where he says he regrets the comments made to Buckley when the team returned from Statesboro, GA after beating Georgia Southern, 33-26.

The entire text of the statement is as follows:


On Tuesday after practice, a video was recorded in our locker room and eventually shared on social media that shows individuals on our football team using obscene gestures and lewd language. I am disappointed by the actions that a few student-athletes demonstrated.

The immature behavior of those individuals is not condoned by our program. It does not represent our entire team or the views of the University. We’ve disciplined four student-athletes and are taking steps to educate all of our student-athletes to prevent this from happening again.

I apologize to our alumni, fans, supporters and the University, who deserve more responsible behavior by our student-athletes.

I regret my response to a reporter’s question after last night’s game that may have offended some voters in the recent election.


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