Ike Broflovski has been played by numerous child actors over the years. Now, he's voiced by none other than Trey Parker's three-year-old daughter Betty!

Ike is Kyle's adopted, Canadian brother on South Park. Many children have voiced Ike over the years. South Park is now in it's 20th season, and Ike seems to have a more prominent role. Perhaps that's because Trey Parker's own daughter is now voicing Ike!

He kind of takes the pet-tricks route, and says the line with her enough times, until he's able to stop so she says the line on her own.

She obviously is more comfortable saying the next line, which is funny, and won't be spoiled for you!

Below is a video recorded by Trey's wife, Boogie, of him working with Betty to record Ike's lines. For some reason, it's kind of endearing even when he's getting her to curse.

The video is NSFW due to some language.

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