Turns out, the protestors are not welcome to rally.

That's the message being sent by the Houston company that owns and manages Ambassador Row as they signed a letter of trespass and have told Lafayette Police that "they don't want anybody on their property." That's according to Lafayette Police Department spokesman Sgt. Wayne Griffin in a statement to our news partners at KATC.


Ambassador Row appears to be the site of a rally for President Trump planned for Saturday, January 16th, in Lafayette.

On Monday's edition of the Moon Griffon Show, event organizer Holly Sanders called the show to mention her intentions on having the Hold the Line Rally in the Hub City. Now, it's officially scheduled to happen from 10 a.m. until noon at the corner of Ambassador Caffery and Johnston Street.

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In the call-in to Moon's show, Holly mentioned concerns raised - much like what was documented by bigeasymagazine.com - against her holding the rally in light of last week's deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol following a rally behind held by President Trump in Washington, D.C. Holly has said the protest will be peaceful and mentioned in the call-in that she had notified Lafayette Police and the authorities of the event.

On the event page on Facebook, Holly writes "I'm in for Round #2- Are you? Bring your flags, signs, megaphones, passion, and positivity! If you can talk the talk- come walk the walk" and invites the public to the free two-hour event.

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