Happy Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival weekend! This year marks the 56th annual celebration of everything we love about our beloved crawfish. Today, I found this French documentary about the festival from 1968, and it's pretty incredible.

The film is called "La Louisiane : Fête de l'écrevisse" (Louisiana: Crawish Festival). It awesomely shows us what the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival was like in 1968. It features the boat parade on Bayou Teche, a fantstic crawfish race, and in one part you'll see a van decorated to promote Cajun musician Happy Fats LeBlanc!

So, as you get ready to pinch them tails this weekend, make sure you share this piece of Crawfish Festival history with your family and friends.

By the way, if you click the little arrows at the bottom right of the media player you'll be able to see it better.

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