The Hellboy movie has had an intriguing start, with the disappointing news that Guillermo del Toro wasn’t finishing his trilogy, to a bunch of exciting casting announcements, to one not-so-exciting cast addition, to that actor backing out, to a better choice being in talks (which were confirmed today). More good news: we finally know what David Harbour’s Son of the Fallen One looks like. And he’s pretty scary.

The official Hellboy movie twitter account tweeted out a photo this afternoon. Take a look:

Shortly thereafter, Harbour himself tweeted a photo:

Yes, he looks pretty much the same as Ron Perlman’s iteration of the character, but, then again, they’re both embodying a comic hero who has a very distinctive appearance. Harbour’s got the copious facial hair, the horn stumps, his pistol, his Right Hand of Doom, and even his adoptive dad’s rosary hanging from his utility belt. He looks a little more ancient this time around, but then again he’s not wearing that big jacket to cover up his scars.

Honestly, he looks great, and I am definitely ready for this movie. It looks like they’re sticking really close to the comics, at least visually, to get this right, which only means that everyone else’s characters are going to look just as good.

Hellboy is directed by Neil Marshall and also stars Ian McShaneMilla Jovovich, Daniel Dae Kim, and Sasha Lane.

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