Jamie Waylett, best known as playing Slytherin bully Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter film series, has been arrested for looting and packing a homemade bomb during the London riots in August. Police picked up Waylett after security camera footage caught him stealing from a drugstore while carrying a Molotov cocktail, which they say he intended to detonate (but apparently never got the chance to).

Waylett is charged with violent disorder, possessing explosives, intent to destroy or damage property, and receiving stolen goods—and as if all that weren’t enough, in the investigation that followed, police also discovered the crop of 15 marijuana plants Waylett was cultivating back home.

For Waylett, it’s his second weed-related run-in, after authorities arrested him for growing 10 pot plants in 2009, then sentenced him to community service. He’s currently out on bail and due to appear in court next month, where he could face up to 14 years for the marijuana charges alone.

What you expect, he's a Slytherin!

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