For those of us who can't have just one glass...

In no way am I endorsing binge drinking. However, sometimes (mostly holidays, or vacations for me) there are quite a few bottles of wine, and one JoBo that gets drunk.

But that means you have to stop conversation, and pour glass after glass. What if all you had to do was open a bottle of wine, and start drinking? Have I seen someone pick up a bottle of cab, and drink straight from it? Why yes I have. There's a way to make that same attempt become just a little more classy.

The Guzzle Buddy turns every bottle of wine into one single wine glass! That's clASS!

Here is the description of the Guzzle Buddy from BroBible:

There are many ways to demonstrate your class, but none may be quite as much saucy fun as the Guzzle Buddy™. For the wine (or beer) lover who just can't wait to pour their drink into a glass, the Guzzle Buddy™ is a fun, unique glass that screws directly into a bottle so you may drink elegantly directly from the source. It is in poor taste to simply chug from a wine bottle, but it is positively aristocratic to sip from the Guzzle Buddy™.

And it wouldn't be complete without a product video:

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