Two things that don't mix. Poop and soccer. For some reason, these guys decided to mix them.

You've seen drunk soccer, which is hilarious. Now, these guys eat a hefty, greasy meal and then drink laxative. THEN they play soccer.

Thankfully, there's "bathrooms" set up along the field. If not, there would be plenty of brown cards going wild.

Even the ref gets in on the laxative action, cause why not?

As the game is being played, players are allowed to hit the toilets, but the game never stops. So, there's a great chance that teams will be down a number of players during the game. That definitely happens.

As it turns out, the best part of it all happens when there's only one guy left on the field for one team, and he uses his player that's duking it out to head the ball, and score the game winner!

Norwegians are weird.

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