Match 5 of the Grindhouse Battle includes two Lafayette based bands, Black Feratu versus Jason And The Kruegers!

Black Feratu Logo
  • James Feratu - Lead Vocals

  • Mac Black - Drums, Vocals

  • Kirby - Bass

  • Bonehead - Guitar, Vocals

  • Paul Giovinazzo - Guitar

To explain Black Feratu is plain and simple, dirty Rock N' Roll that this Punk speed and riffage to Metal into the Sludge realm! Check out their song called 'Under A Spell' and watch the video for it here!

Jason And Tke Kruegers Logo
  • Johnny Hopeless- Singapore

  • Johnny Angel- Singapore

  • Johnny Dead- Singapore

  • Johnny Salami- Singapore

  • Johnny Boogiddy- Singapore

Jason and the Kruegers is the word's greatest underground horror music group. Wielding horrific innovative instruments constructed from real bones, Jason and the Kruegers slay live audiences with their dark, adult humor and bring them back to life with a kick ass defibrillator full of rock! With an intense musical blend of Metal, Reggae, Punk, Country and Electronica, their genius has landed them worldwide tours with groups such as: Dunzig, Slayor, Type OH Negative, KISSS and more. Their debut E.P, Your Friend's Band Sucks, has gone triple platinum in the underworld and even landed them an exclusive Halloween performance for the royal court of King Jack Skellington.

Jason and the Kruegers currently are embarking on an epic journey to conquer the world of the living with their debut album, Slasher Thrasher. Slasher Thrasher honors history's greatest role models: Michael Meyers, Leather Face, Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, and more. Amassing an army of Gabba Ghouls and Gabba Gals, this horrortastic group grabs attention and turns every day into Halloween. Check out their song called 'They All Float Down Here'.

Be sure to VOTE for your favorite to advance to Round 2! You can hear both songs on The Grindhouse, Sunday nights at 9 right here on Planet Radio 105.1!

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