There are, apparently, different versions of a "strikeout," and she does the best (worst?) kind.

I'd like to first say that we do not recommend doing this. Partly because marijuana is still illegal here in Louisiana, and mostly because this would probably put the toughest person on the floor REAL fast in a not good way.

In some circles, the infamous "strikeout" consists of a bong rip, a shot of your favorite liquor, and a pint of beer, all while holding in the bong rip, and then you let it out at the end.

Well, this granny takes it up a notch, and does a dab along with all of this. I'll be honest, I wasn't familiar with what a dab is. Good thing we have the internet.

A dab is basically concentrated cannabis. It's THC oil that is then heated up, and inhaled through a dab rig like the nectar collector. Apparently this in itself is an extremely fast way to get "medicated."

Although she hasn't posted anything in almost a year, she does have a Facebook Page.

So, this granny does her version of the "strikeout," and I'm honestly impressed.

That burp at the end, though!

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