UPDATE: We are so sorry to report that on April 9th, Lonnie Dench lost his battle with COVID-19, and passed away.

We all remember the sweet story in 2016 of grandma Wanda Dench, who accidentally texted a teen-aged Jamal Hinton for Thanksgiving dinner, and he actually showed up for the celebration. They have since become friends, almost like family, and they have reunited every year for Thanksgiving since then. Jamal announced this week on Twitter (below) that Ms Wanda is suffering from COVID-19. Not only her, but her husband Lonnie Dench, as well. He is asking for prayers for their recovery. It is so nice to see that there is so much love between these people who started out as strangers, and ended up as family. We're keeping a good thought for you, Ms Wanda, and Mr. Lonnie! Check out the update from Jamal and his girlfriend Mikaela on their YouTube page below.



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